The result is “American Ground: Unbuilding the World Trade Center,” a comprehensive look at the inner workings of the World Trade Center. American Ground has ratings and 65 reviews. Mickey said: This is one of those books that you read at a feverish pace for a few days and then, when fi. In American Ground: Unbuilding the World Trade Center, William Langewiesche describes in detail the cleanup and recovery at Ground Zero following the.

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Professor Franklin talked about his book, Mirror to America: He gives a calm, precise account of the air traffic controllers trying to understand what was happening to the hijacked planes and explains precisely how the towers collapsed. Incredibly lucid, moving document of the logistical and emotional toll of “unbuilding” the WTC site.

He has literally followed in the footsteps of engineers, “deconstruction” workers, firemen, and city officials as they tackle the mind-numbing task of bringing order to an instance of chaos unprecedented on our soil.

American Ground – Wikipedia

Its main theme focuses on ordinary Americans responding to the calamity at the WTC. Most fascinating, though, Langewiesche takes readers right inside the smoking Pile, as he joins workers on dangerous underground expeditions to see whether the slurry walls that groudn out the Hudson will hold, or whether freon might be leaking from underground refrigerators.

Langewiesche had unrestricted access to Manhattan’s Ground Zero during the post-September 11 cleanup, and his triptych of articles originally published in the Atlantic Monthly takes readers through what became known to its denizens as the Pile, from the moment of destruction to the departure of the last truckload of worlr from the ruins a little less than nine months later.

The autobiography of John Hope Franklinpublished by….

Griffin drove from North Carolina and bluffed his way into Ground Zero and worlx became an authority at the site. His “American Ground” is no travel narrative, of course, but his sense of adventure — often when venturing into the ruins of the World Trade Center — is keen. A less emotional, more analytical look at all that happened at the World Trade Center site after the towers fell — but no less compelling.

In the final portion of the comprehensive story, the emotional and technical elements are melded together in a story commentative of humanity’s reaction to crisis and tragedy. Want to Read saving…. Sep 11, Amy rated it really liked it. American ground, unbuilding the World Trade Center. Langewiesche manages to be sensitive to all impacted sides of the tragedy of the Twin Towers, and I admire that he doesn’t get mired down in who caused it, and what Gdound response was.


It was an unprecedented time in history and they were not as united as you might think. I learned much about the construction industry, albeit in a very special context. He gives a calm, precise account of the air traffic controllers trying to understand what was happening to the hijacked planes and explains precisely how the towers collapsed.

American Ground: Unbuilding the World Trade Center by William Langewiesche

In American Ground, William Langewiesche brings us deep into the heart of the World Trade Center collapse site, and the process of recovery, with extraordinary depth, and incredible confidence, delivery the untold, powerful story of what is known as ‘The Unbuilding’.

It brings much of the New York history surrounding the WTC, and the players involved, into sharp focus. In fact, I finished it in one sitting. If you’ve had questions about the collapse of the WTC, this book will interest you. William Langewiesche, when amerucan American Ground, not only told a story of ingenuity, and strength, but also one which is tragic in thd ways, and important when facing the future.

With all due respect — the collective anguish is a My introduction to Langewiesche was viewing American Experience. This book reminded me a lot of another book by a journalist following another big story: May 07, Fred Gumminger rated it it was amazing. What I found interesting about this is that it touches upon a lot of information I didn’t previously know and also present an entirely new perspective of the events. He was embedded with wworld work force, the only journalist to be so situated, tradd he captures the personalities, challenges, and conflicts of the process.

The exposure in the Atlantic and widespread review coverage may help unbuildng elegantly written and unique September 11 book rise toward the top. This account follows the main players who rose to the occasion and took charge in the unbuilding of the WTC and presents the sense of urgency felt by all to recover as much as possible from the wreckage in the immediate days and weeks following the attack.

It reads very academic, but grouhd great information.

American Ground: Unbuilding the World Trade Center

Aug 12, Larry rated it it was amazing. Unbuilding the World Trade Center. In all of these aspects-its vociferousness, spontaneity, ingenuity, and fundamental democracy-Langewiesche reveals the story of the deconstruction to be uniquely American, and harshly inspiring. Some of the narrative is still very disturbing even after all these years, whethe Langewiesche is not prolific but very multi-talented as a writer I particularly enjoyed his book “Sahara Unveiled: It’s to-the-point and factual, something that must have seemed a near impossible task due to the circumstances.


One such outsize personality is David Griffin, a demolition expert who drove up from North Carolina, bluffed his way onto the restricted site, and quickly wound up in a position of authority. The fire that melted the steel and brought the WTC down was mainly fueled by the masses of paper that were present in the offices.

The stars of the rest of this story are people one doesn’t usually read about: Feb 06, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing. The second theme concerns the conflict and challenge of maintaining the dignity and reverence for the “American Ground” that represented the lives of close to 2, individuals. He currently lives in France. Nov 23, 4: Langewiesche does not shy away from writing of the conflicts that occurred amongst the various groups wo A less emotional, more analytical look at all that happened at the World Trade Center site after the towers fell — but no less compelling.

At the time I thought WL’s emotionless style was cold, but it’s not. William Langewiesche talked about his book The Outlaw Sea: In my opinion, this book deserved a Pulitzer.

In all of its aspects–emotionalism, impulsiveness, ameridan, territoriality, resourcefulness, and fundamental, cacophonous democracy–Langewiesche reveals the unbuilding to be uniquely American and oddly inspiring, a portrait of resilience and ingenuity in the face of disaster. Books by William Langewiesche. Many insights into the structural damage to the Twin Towers and adjacent buildings as well as the underground systems needing exploration in order to move ahead with clean-up and preparations to rebuild.

For the first few years, every time I was in New York, I averted my eyes from all of lower Manhattan. The last topic is something I’ve seen talked about nowhere else, although I do suppose that would be true since it would have gone against the whole “United We Stand” mantra that the rest of America was developing. I was on a Langewiesche kick a few years back.