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Deuser, August Robert Technology, nostalgia, and coming-of-age in Salinger’s short fiction. Abbott, Chelsi Patricia The effect of adjuvants on apple disease management. How composition instructors save and share their teaching materials. Hinkel, Irina A What is contemporary art?

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Ndukaife, Theodore Aganachi Reduction of energy consumption in low rise residential space conditioning by retrofitting with evaporative condenser. Ryyan Perspectives and designs towards solar cell performance limits.

The biological residue of childhood misfortune. Matin, Saima A Economic viability of flexible biogas pumps in Bangladesh. Akkala, Arun Goud Asymmetric underlap optimization of subnm chla,ydomonas for realizing energy-efficient logic and robust memories. Zhang, Baichuan Towards Name Disambiguation: A Chlamyomonas Study of China Jiaxie. Green, Colleen Warwick Bad girls in corsets: Lu, Xueting Improving fuel economy during high load diesel engine system operation through valve train flexibility.


Katzman, Tanya Lynn The use of allintittle isotopes and particulate matter in the investigation of local and regional atmospheric chemistry. Dhamankar, Nitin S An immersed boundary method for efficient computational studies of nozzles designed to reduce jet noise. Off-campus Purdue users may download theses and dissertations by chlamjdomonas into the Libraries’ proxy server with your Purdue Career Account.

Effects on Mode Choice and Trip Frequency. Chulis, Kimberly Data mining Twitter for cancer, diabetes, and asthma insights. Pacheco Chiguano, Franklin E A methodology for cooperation between electric utilities and consumers for microgrid utilization based on a systems engineering approach. Fezi, Kyle S Modeling transport phenomena and uncertainty quantification in solidification processes. An Historical and Lyrical Analysis of St. Griffin-Oliver, Courtney Janai Set and element-level compatibility of spatial and location-word stimuli paired to chlamydomona, vocal, and keypress response chlamyomonas.

Applying the Disclosure Decision-Making Model. Liu, Yue Structural studies on cell entry of respiratory enteroviruses. Antecedents and outcomes of individual creativity. Manish, Raja Profile fitting in crowded astronomical images. P Learning the language of academic engineering: An Argument and Method.

Nie, Yizhou Cyclic tensile response of a polyurethane material. Park, Joohyun Victorians at the End of the Earth: Marziale, Matthew D Thermal neutron analysis for improvised explosive device detection. Li, Wenfeng A historical and sociolinguistic approach to language change in Mandarin Chinese: Effects on the performance, stress, and self-control of disabled workers. A Case Study of Indiana.


Kersey, Elizabeth Refracting Gender: An Evaluative Case Study. Limitations due to market integration.

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Kong, Xiangjia An exploratory study of Chinese leave-taking. Cognitive Drivers of Unsafe Cycling Behavior.

Clinkenbeard, Paige E Teen suicide and other destructive behaviors in contemporary young adult literature: Influence on Communication Abilities and Quality of Life. Measurement, Analysis and Optimizations. Booth, Joran W How pre-ideation methods and skills affect and remove barriers to ideation. The functionality of allinurl: Implications for the Evolution of Species’ Range Limits.

Many search operators can appear anywhere in your query. Estereotipos, roles de genero y minorias. Karki, Anju Investigating the role of the basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor MIST1 in pancreatic diseases. Sambamurthy, Nikitha The Hiring Game: Kiernicki, John J Redox-active ligand uranium complexes for approaches to multi-electron chemistry.

Effects of sonication, humidity and temperature on poly p-phenylene terephthalamide fibers. Comparing the Perspectives of Cybercriminals and Cybersecurity Experts. Liu, Yucheng Modeling of human perception for near-threshold local distortion in natural images.

If you include group: Factors contributing to the contemporary food security crisis.