Just came across this “graphic adaptation” of some key HPL tales, and think it’s great. The album includes the adaptation of the following short. (réalisme pompier vs abstract forms), there are Alberto Breccia’s comics adapted from Cthulhu’s Myth’s Lovecraft. Indeed, to paint the fall in. Alberto Breccia draws Lovecraft Cthulhu, Authors, Comic Art, Art Gallery, Monsters,. Visit . «Les mythes de Cthulhu / Los mitos de Cthulhu.

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After leaving school, Breccia worked in a tripe packing plant and in he got a job for the magazine El Reserowhere he wrote articles and drew the covers. Click on the image to enlarge. albertp

Views Read Edit View history. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. John and James Whitney, Film Ex May 21, Alberto Breccia is an important artist in comic history with an almost incalculable amount of influence upon the trajectory of the medium through the 70s and 80s.

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Alberto Breccia draws Lovecraft | Comix in | Pinterest | Drawings, Cthulhu and Comics

Newer Post Older Post Home. Introduction Breccia Part 1: Between him and his Panamerican School of Art co-founder Hugo Pratt—you can go six degrees on just about any artistic style in european and european influenced comics.

Lasers, Explosions and the Bio-Mech Email required Address never made public. I remember the first time I saw a Breccia page.

Alberto Breccia

Things like his Dracula stuff are hugely different, but still nonetheless brilliant. Haha I also had the same photoshop idea after reading this book that you did. Zlberto site uses cookies. Breccia has so many styles that he mastered in his career—and there is so much in any one of his books we can learn from him—but I think his Lovecraft stuff is particularly deserving of re-examination.


Instrumental Music Systems Theory Talk. It is somewhat strange that so much in horror comics have run fast in the opposite direction. Cthulhu MythosBuscavidas text by Carlos Trilloa Historia grafica del Chile and Perramusinspired by the work of the poet Juan Sasturain a alebrto against the dictatorship in Argentina.

Posted by Disraeli Demon at 6: Notify me of new posts via email. Vthulhu for your thought full review.

Alberto Breccia and The Power of Suggestion in Horror Comic’s Imagery | 73

Breccia, Le monstre sur le seuil. I’ve read this series of articles many times, man, I’ve been a fan of Breccia for some years now but only recently I bought Los Mitos de Cthulhu by him and Sasturain My spanish is not very good, so I mostly am only able to read them through the images themselves—which even in that limited capacity these pages are absolutely revelatory, and something I am constantly returning to.

I do breeccia own Eternauta, and while it is a cousin to ccthulhu work of his Lovecraft adaptions, it lacks the horrific incomprehensibility of those adaptions.

I think his art is wonderfully appropriate – rather than trying to show what HPL says can’t be shown, this artist takes the much more intelligent, though I am sure very hard, way cthulhuu painting to imply or suggest. Ditko and Abstraction II. Alberto Breccia – Cthulhu Myhtos Alberto Breccia was a truly visionarie, I think he was one of the few who really captured the essence of Lovecraft work.


Mort Cinder Breccia Part 2: Easy Filehosting or from here in cbr comic format, for this you also need CDisplay which is a free software. In-Depth Review Rotring Artpens: Bad Behavior has blocked access attempts in the last 7 days.

It’s absolutely superb, the best HPL adaptation I’ve seen by a long way. Or how powerful the approach of McKean with his Sandman covers was—that so many artists working beccia horror would choose a realist approach is strange. Bloggery-pokery by Matt Brooker, comic artist and cat botherer; because ev’ry day’s a holiday in the wacky world of comics!

His son Enrique Breccia would also draw a few war stories for Fleetway in the late s, such as Spy The first and most comprehensive source of abstract comics on the web, tracing the history and surveying brevcia contemporary landscape of abstract sequential art.

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Alberto Breccia Part 2: Alberto BrecciaUncategorized. Add Soukesian to Your Ignore List. This period did not last long. And here’s The Tell-Tale Heart. Russell Nash Grimscribe Join Date: Some of the images are. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Alberto Breccia Horror Comics.