The qprt command creates and queues a print job to print the file you specify. . Note: The AIX operating system also supports the BSD UNIX print command. Download qprt-to-lp for free. qprt-to-lp is a simple wrapper script to pass AIX qprt commands to Linux CUPS lp command. This allows programs. To submit a print job to a queue, use either lp, lpr, or qprt. All the jobs will go to the AIX 5L features a number of commands and facilities to perform this task.

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Run aaix installation script to copy all the Kyocera Mita Printer support files to their appropriate locations: Kyocera Mita printers can be configured as both parallel and network. Prior to configuring the printer, the printer must be connected to the system.

To configure as a network printer, follow these instructions:.

Printer Queue Management If you run ‘SMIT’ and go to ‘Print Spooling’ options, there are various options listed for managing the print queues, viewing the characteristics of the queues and deleting the queues. Also, there are options for managing the print jobs of various queues. The value is a 2-character variable, the first character for the header and the second for the trailer.

Always prints the header or trailer pages. Never prints the header or trailer pages. Based on the input data type and the data type expected by the printer, the print files are passed through filters if necessary before being sent to the printer. You can specify any of the following input data types: Pass-through sent to the printer unmodified s: Normally the output is labeled for delivery to the user name of the person issuing the qprt command request.


The value of User must be a single word meeting the same requirements of a regular User ID. Alx this flag is not specified, the pr command uses the print file name as the header.

If this flag is not specified, one copy is printed. QueueDevice] Specifies the print queue name and the optional queue device name. If this flag is not specified, the following conditions occur:. If multiple printers are configured for the same print queue qqprt one or more of the printers are not suitable for printing your files, you zix use the QueueDevice variable.

Otherwise, the spooler assigns the first available printer. If this flag is not specified, the print files are not removed. If this flag is not specified, the axi file name on the qprt command line is used as the print job title. The print job title is displayed on the header page and on responses to inquiries about queue status. Duplex output prints to both the front and back of each sheet.

Kyocera Printing Support for IBM AIX

You can set one of aic following values: The length -l and width -w values are automatically adjusted accordingly. If you do not specify this flag, it uses the default value from the printer driver. This flag applies to AIX Version 4. The available values for the OutputBin include: If the Length variable is 0, page length is ignored, and the output treated as one continuous page.


The page length includes the top and bottom margins and indicates the printable length of the paper.

aix printing to selected specific special trayWaldemar Mark Duszyk

Truncate long lines at the right margin. To configure as a parallel printer, follow these instructions: Start SMIT from the prompt.

Select ‘Print Spooling’ option from System Management. Click on ‘Add a Print Queue’ Select ‘local’ from the select list.

Configuring a printer without adding a queue (qprt command)

Select ‘Kyocera Mita’ Select the pqrt model that you want to install. Select ‘parallel’ Select the Parallel Port Adapter that is listed. Enter the names of the PCL or Postscript queues that you want to add to the system.

Click OK to add the queue to the system. To configure as zix network printer, follow these instructions: Run SMIT from the prompt. If this flag is not specified, the following conditions occur: If the QueueDevice variable is not specified, the first available printer configured for the queue is used.

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