Historian and author Andrew Jampoler talks about his book [Adak: The Rescue of Alfa Foxtrot ], in which he chronicles the crash of a crew. Alfa Foxtrot , a U. S. Navy P-3C ocean surveillance and anti-submarine plane on The plane and the 15 men aboard had departed the Adak Naval Station in the a ship so that Alfa Foxtrot could set up a ditch leading to quick rescue. Book Cover: ADAK: The Rescue of Alfa Foxtrot by Andy Jampoler. Facebook · Twitter; Pinterest; Google + · Email. Book Cover: ADAK: The Rescue of Alfa.

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Aircraft accidents — Alaska — Aleutian Islands Region. Being able to directly empathize with the crew’s plight adds a whole separate dimension of fear and suspense. All operational flights would begin and end 568 the TSC, as would every fourth day, when the crew stood one-hour alert duty.

Navy P-3C ocean surveillance and anti-submarine plane on patrol over a slate-gray slice of the North Pacific, flew effortlessly even with one resvue its four turboprop engines deliberately feathered to save fuel.

Their bright, embroidered squadron patches-cheap knockoffs would become a civilian fashion favorite “look” years later-lent some style to what otherwise was drab and utilitarian garb, but Jerry Grigsby was not flashy by nature. He lives in Leesburg, Virginia. It’s the story of a aviation accident way out in the Aleutians, and Jampoler gets into insane detail about every aspect of the flight and its aftermath. Your request has been submitted.

In those few hours, Grigsby’s crew would be exchanging a mild autumn in California’s Santa Clara Valley dubbed Silicon Valley; during the next twenty years it would become the technology capital of the world and the benign San Francisco Bay for early winter at a rocky and spare outpost, little changed since the end of World War II, on the stormy Bering Sea: Cressy told them of Grigsby’s heroism: Feb 15, This book was recommended to me by a classmate while in a P-3 school.

For all we know, this could happen to any of us. Rodriguez found the loosened valve and closed it. In minutes, Grigsby’s helmet and left-preserver lobes were only a dot vanishing in the cruel sea. Five men, taking turns in the three flight station seats, two pilots’ and one flight engineer’s, would take the aircraft out and bring it home.


Lighter than the waterlogged rafts, and riding higher, the little craft nearly capsized in the cross-sweels. Their route of flight was north up the jet airways along the Pacific Coast, then across the Gulf of Alaska, passing abeam distant Anchorage, and, finally, generally west out along the long, drooping arc of islands that formed the Aleutian archipelago to Adak.

With the usual headwinds en route and at the cruising speed of their P-3 Orion turboprop, Moffett to Adak was an eight-hour flight. The island would spend the day under decks of clouds layered almost five miles high, in and out of snow showers, and with up to thirty-three knots nearly forty miles per hour of wind blowing fitfully out of the southwest.

Hearing the plane, Caylor figured its crew would alert the ship they had noticed prior to ditch, which meant that rescue was almost surely at hand. Engineer Miller at once pushed a button to dump fire-fighting compound on the over-heated engine, snuffing out the flames.

When they reached the small raft, they found the men so paralyzed from squatting that they could be little help as they were hauled into adzk whaler. One day late last fall, in the Grigsby home near Moffett Field, Grigsby’s wife and parents met with Cmdr. Make this your default list. Andy Jampoler takes readers into the cockpit of the turboprop as a propeller malfunction turns into an engine fire, eventually forcing Jerry Grigsby to ditch his patrol plane into the empty, mountainous seas west of the Aleutian Islands.

Valentino Shoes Sale dancers. I’m glad to have found this book. He radioed Elmendorf the plane’s exact location, then added: They also found the dead-Rodriguez, Garcia, Brooner.

For a few seconds it appeared to be within Grigsby’s reach; then rising swells blocked sight of him. Open Preview See a Problem? Public Affairs Event Format: He found it hard to rsscue his eyes open. Want to Read saving…. Grigsby’s mother, white-haired, weather-beaten from life on the mid-western plains, saw and understood. At its peak, Naval Station Adak supported six thousand Navy people and their families, including civilian employees of the station and its tenant organizations.


Third Fleet maritime patrol operations in the North Pacific was complete, and Crew 6 found itself roxtrot again in the alga, eligible to be put into the crew rotation by the detachment schedules officer. The first step would be today, 26 October.

The P-3C climbed to feet to search for ships on the radar-scope. Navy, would the Russians go? About the Author Andrew C.

Adak : the rescue of Alfa Foxtrot

Adrenalin flowing, Ball shot off pencil-gun flares. By the late s, down to just over three thousand residents, Adak was foxrtot the eleventh largest community in the state.

Doug rated it liked it Aug 16, Sue rated it it was amazing Apr 16, The author succeeded in weaving together the many facets of people, places, and events.

Flow, Forshay and Caylor continued to shake Brooner. Robin rated it liked it Apr 07, The aircraft is a P-3 Orion on station during a sensitive mission off the Kamchatka Peninsula in the north Pacific.

Adak: The Rescue of Alfa Foxtrot 586

You will ffoxtrot a lot about anti-submarine warfare, the military history of the Aleutians, and the intricacies of the P3-C Orion along the I really enjoyed this.

The flight crew’s desperate battle to survive is told with the authority, drama, and sensitivity that only someone with the author’s background could provide.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The days when huge Soviet submarines would come speeding rhe out of Petropavlovsk or from the Bering Sea through the Amukta Pass to take foxfrot missile patrol stations in the Pacific had not yet passed, but Soviet naval activity in the Indian Ocean, where the U.

At Grigsby’s order, the crew put on life-preserver vests and ‘QD-1’s, survival suits with tight rubber cuffs to keep out water. Jampoler talked about the mission and the rescue of the crew members.

Books by Andrew C.