The topics in TEAS 5 practice tests and in the actual ATI TEAS 6 do cover much of the same material. However, the question types have changed, so for effective . Our sample questions simulate the actual TEAS test questions you will see on your exam. Our sample exams require no registration, and include immediate. I just took the TEAS on the 6th. the actual test is nothing like the ATI practice test A and B. its more in depth and detailed. I scored lower than the practice tests.

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The deadline for the program is today what do I do. Exam Simulators are updated on regular basis so that you can have best test preparation.

Like ten percent or five.

I like ur advise! I am planning to go to Nursing school within 2 years. I thought it is best to get study going for 2 years and I may pass…. I think the most difficult part for me was identifying the types of readings they presented. I had to retake the arithmetic portion of the accuplacer and ended up getting 91! If I had not passed I was planning on getting drunk at a qctual ah hah ; no need for that now.

How to Score a 91 or Higher on the TEAS Exam and Guarantee Your Seat into Nursing School

I hope what people have been saying about the actual test being easier is true! I hope I passed. Or I should switch my career something that I teas-tst tolerate it.

I failed miserably there 64ah ha, but in my defense, it was purely and exclusively due to the time constraint. If my spirit is still strong after three years of nursing classes, I may go for it.


The fietype was comparable, the science was more difficult and the reading and language had more trick type questions. Damn it, math was my forte and for some reason I screwed up on the math???

Our free TEAS practice tests will help you prepare for your upcoming exam — and get you into the nursing program of your choice! I too bought the book you mentioned the one with 5 practice tests. I have been reading through the comments and I am a little bit more at ease. I bought every book but the ATI study manual.

I forget how much but it was pricey. Feb 17, ’17 Joined: It is better to guess on a question and keep moving forward than to get hung up on one question and then not have a chance to complete ten questions at the end of the section.

I spent several hours a day working on that area and it took me less than a week, but a person who only has a couple hours a day would need at least two weeks. When you have completed reading the entire study manual and have taken a good notebook full of notes, you are ready for the tests.

I purchased the study guide but am overwhelmed by the amount of material I have to relearn. I took the exam once and I feel very comfortable with my results. I took a practice test online that I purchased without studying and scored a But passing the test was a necessity as I needed to change the job badly.

Have a good day! Answer each question in less than this amount of time:. Somehow when I sat at the computer on test day, I applied myself more. Nursing school is going well so far! Try to find some more practice tests for the English section and most importantly, practice with a timer.


Fiketype information about text formats. In my experience, I would make it to the end of teas-tezt timed section with seconds to spare. I just read through your suggestions and I found them very helpful.

Teas 6 exam | allnurses

It follows the latest pattern and topics that are used in real test. Good afternoon, I have been reading through the comments and I am a little bit more at ease. Block some time for this as each test will take you close to four hours. Keep your confidence up!!

I just really want to know Thanks for writing it. Being a community expert, I notion appearing for TEAS exam would possibly actually assist me in my career. The prime also lets you watch lots of movies and tv shows for free. However, I am actuql nervous about fkletype math portion particularly. Bored, write something down. I am taking my last science class, microbiology in the spring. I know better now. Although I will admit I could have studied longer and had a severe case of test anxiety that impacted me poorly, lol.

Perhaps I should call ATI and inquire.

But if this is the best and most recommended then I will get it anyway. I score more than