This year The Contact Lens Year Book celebrates its 14th anniversary and is now regarded as the definitive reference guide for both industry. By ACLM – The Medical Malpractice Survival Handbook Legal Medicine, 5e ( Legal Medicine (American College of Legal Medicine)). Mar 8, by ACLM. The Lifestyle Medicine Handbook: An Introduction to the Power of Healthy Habits which can be downloaded through the ACLM website, in hopes that her work.

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This year The Contact Lens Year Book celebrates its 14th anniversary and is now regarded as the definitive reference guide for both industry and profession. ACLM members have once again collaborated in producing an annual compilation to provide information on their own products in a consistent format for the benefit of xclm concerned with the world of contact lenses. Christopher Kerr and John Meyler remain co-editors of this edition and they have painstakingly assembled a vast mass of contact lens related particulars.

It is a remarkable achievement to list, tabulate and classify almost every contact lens and solution currently available in the UK.

Product information is provided for the following main categories: There are additional groups for prosthetic, special effect, hybrid and therapeutic lenses. Finally, there is a section of interest mainly for ACLM manufacturers on the various handboo, and polymers currently provided by the UK’s two main suppliers.

This is a comprehensive, alphabetical listing of individual products carefully cross-referenced with the appropriate page number.

These two methods provide easy access to information on both spherical and toric powers together with the manufacturer, material, water content, Dk value, main parameters and lens design.


It is also a simple matter to separate disposable from conventional soft lenses, recommended replacement intervals, whether lenses contain UV inhibitors or handling tints, and which bifocals are centre-near or centre-distance. Despite their alleged decline in popularity, gas-permeable and PMMA lenses still require 20 detailed pages.

These include the full range of complex toric and bifocal designs from a wide variety of laboratories, with small sections for orthokeratology and sclerals.

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Nevertheless it is apparent that both surfactant cleaners and peroxide systems have declined bandbook number from last year while multipurpose products are clear favourites with a small increase.

There is now only a fairly modest choice of solutions available for the cleaning and disinfection of handvook. In addition to product information, the book contains other useful features.

There are helpful examples for both hard and soft lenses, the section being based on the work of Tony Hough. The book lists the names and addresses of 28 ACLM members with contact details and a guide to their key personnel.

The ACLM Contact Lens Year Book – Optician

A useful summary table records which companies produce or distribute which type of product. This reveals that there is some duplication of function with 20 companies actually manufacturing contact lenses, nine producing care products, six acting as distributors, three manufacturing materials and three acting as consultants.

The details appear remarkably up-to-date in the fast changing world of contact lenses. The field inevitably continues to be dominated by the large international companies, but we are fortunate that there is still an encouraging minority of smaller laboratories offering a high quality specialised service.

The Contact Lens Related Tools comprise fitting aids for hard gas-permeable, soft spherical and soft toric lenses; a toric lens over-refraction calculator; and the Efron Grading Scale. This latter will be familiar to most practitioners already but it is quite useful to be able to view and change the severity of the various conditions on screen.


The Toolbox also contains a wide miscellany of other functions, interesting but largely unrelated to contact lenses. The CD-Rom, however, does not itself contain product details of the lenses. Much of this information is now available, of course, from the ACLM website www.

But this does not yet provide a complete substitute for the printed Year Book. For a long acl there has been a bewilderingly large array of contact lenses available, but the Year Book is probably the best way for practitioners to take advantage of such a wide choice adlm the benefit of their patients.

This excellent publication provides an invaluable aid within the consulting room because here, indeed, we have facts in abundance and at our fingertips. Editor’s choice Look local: Communication at the heart of it all. How to choose a lab Looking at labs: What counts when choosing a lab.

The ACLM Contact Lens Year Book

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