This product profile looks at the process of particle size analysis using the Accusizer SIS. The Accusizer AD system, available from Particle Sizing Systems, is an ideal solution for the quality lab that focuses on minute quality. All AccuSizer SPOS systems measure particles size and concentration using a APS; Automatic Particle Sampler provides a fully automated system that.

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The AccuSizer is the first fully automated high resolution particle sizing instrument in its class. It uses the principle of light obscuration to count and size particles one at a time. The dynamic range varies depending on accusuzer size of the sensor being used. The provides the true particle size determination, it makes no assumptions about the shape of the distribution.


AccuSizer Single Particle Optical Sizer

Instead it builds the particle size distribution one particle at a time. This approach is in sharp contrast to “ensemble” methods, such as Fraunhofer diffraction and sedimentation, which must process information produced by many particles simultaneously.

These alternative techniques require the use of complex mathematical algorithms and can produce accuskzer a rough approximation of the true PSD, having limited sensitivity and very poor resolution.

The yields PSDs with resolution and accuracy comparable to those produced by the classical resistive-pore, or electrozone, method.

However, it has a much wider size range, a much higher counting rate accusozer is compatible with any liquid or gasand relatively immune to clogging. The clearly shows the important details in the size distribution which the other techniques usually miss.

Single Particle Optical Sensing makes the meaurement accurate while Autodilution and innovative electronics make it fast and easy. With the AccuSizer it is no longer necessary to trade accuracy and resolution for speed.


AccuSizer AD Particle Counter | Particle Sizing Systems

The AccuSizer can also be linked via a single computer to the Nicomp This windows based software controller allows accusizet instruments to work together so that the main peak of a sample may be analyzed by the Large amounts of concentrated emulsions TNA, drug delivery, food, soft drinks, paint, coatings, etc.

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