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Goal and ScenariosPursuing online cyfgowej programs. Smart boardTablesGames and gamificationWearable technologyPreparing students to success in an interrelatedand opened world!

Technology is a great resource for students and teachers to reinforce students learning skills. Involving community members, parents, local leaders, and residents in the area to ensuring the success of students in an open and interrelated world.

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He defined intelligence as an effect rather than a cause. Creating programs to help modify public school system. The test was designed to measure the intelligence in adults, children, and adolescents.


Post on Dec views. These tests provide a verbal Intelligent Quotient I. The WISC has been revised throughout the years updating norms, current represented populations, materials, and changes to the questions.

Modifying rules and regulations. This educational organization purposes are: Wechsler Intelligence Scale cont. FEA assist teachers to get ready for the fitografii standards offering professional developments, presenting websites to share teaches ideas and experiences, among others.

The test allows to determinate discrepancies between a childs intelligence and performance at school. The current version, WISC-IV is a great tool used to determinate if a learning disability is present which is based on the childs IQ scored on the tests. Considering good ideas to help increase school funds.

The Internet has permitted interrelated devices, information, and learners all over the world. Ivette Veiga Future of Education Instructor: Budgetary Process in the StatesEducational TechnologiesFuture Vision of Education Technology as an important resource to improve and develop educations expectations. Pursuing higher education, participates in training and professional development, and incorporates the most technology possible in the classrooms.


Participating in training and professional developmentSharing experiences and ideasEducationEducationTechnologyIncorporating technology tools: Preparing professionals Incorporating technologyCreating successful programsCreate smart policies Future Vision of Education cont. Involving parents, teachers, and administrators to participate and support the ideas whcik essential Raising funds cont.