View and Download Siemens SIRIUS 3RW44 user manual online. Soft Starter. SIRIUS 3RW44 Controller pdf manual download. SIRIUS 3RW44 manual. GWA 4NEB DS Starting. This means that because the electronic soft starter controls the motor voltage. operational current of the motor. The solid-state SIRIUS 3RW44 soft starters are designed for Manual for SIRIUS 3RW44 soft starters1). The manual can be.

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The remaining trademarks in this publication may be trademarks whose use by third parties for their own purposes could 3fw44 the rights of the owner. Typical starting torque behavior of a 3-phase asynchronous motor Solution The current and torque behavior during start-up can be optimally adapted to the requirement of the application using the SIRIUS 3RW44 electronic soft starter.

Manuak is one thyristor for the positive and one thyristor for the negative half wave. Using phase angle control, the r. Motor speed Soft start voltage ramp Soft start torque-controlled Load e. The following graph illustrates the mode of operation of the 3RW44 soft starter: Centrifugal pumps, reciprocating pumps: Permissible relative air humidity Soft Starter ES software and an operating and monitoring module janual.

Rated current soft starter 2. Soft starter dimensioning should, if necessary, be verified with the help of the Win Soft Starter program or via the Technical Assistance in the Chapter “Important Notes”.

The following graph illustrates the procedure. On-time Majual Switching frequency To prevent thermal overloading of the devices, the maximum permissible switching frequency must be adhered to under all circumstances. Note If this is not done, the present parameterization might cause drives to start running.

Semiconductor AC motor control device soft starter Device version Operation of the soft starter produces waste heat power loss refer to Chapter 10 “General Mannual Data”. Caution Ensure sufficient cooling where the unit is installed to prevent the switching device from overheating. Clearance to other devices Notice Ensure that there nanual sufficient clearance so that air can freely circulate for cooling.

The device is ventilated from bottom to top. When working on the branch, this must be disconnected using a disconnector open isolating distance, e. Installation, Connection and Branch Layout 3. The 3RW44 soft starter automatically detects the type of connection of the soft starter, meaning that this does not have to be explicitly set on the device. This mznual at least 6 motor lines. The soft starter would otherwise not recognize the current circuit version standard circuit or inside delta circuit and would output the error message: Manuao a tripping delay of 1 s for the main conductor or control the main conductor via an output with parameterized “On-time” function as described in circuit diagram 9.

Connecting the generator directly in the supersynchronous range may cause soft starter faults. The ESC key is used to quit the current menu item and to jump back to the higher-level menu item. PC and connecting cable.

The “Soft Starter ES” Other Device Functions 5. Rated operating torque select select Parameter select select Nm set 3 change Stopping Safety select select settings Rated operating speed select select select select Inputs change Figure Notice This table provides example set values.


They are mxnual informational purposes only and are non-binding.

Siemens SIRIUS 3RW44 User Manual

The set values depend on the particular application and must be optimized during commissioning. Save the changed parameters in a constant speed at a operation. This overwrites all settings made up until that point.

In order to permanently save the settings made in the soft starter, you must save the data as described in Chapter 5. Settings select Parameter set 1 select Motor 1 select Starting settings select Stopping settings select Slow speed Parameter select Current limit values select Figure The motor current of the connected drive should be set to ensure proper functioning of the soft starter during starting and manal, as well as in regard to motor protection.

If 0 Nm is entered as the rated operating torque, the value is automatically calculated once by the soft starter. The motor model with integrated electronic motor mal capacity Status display select Settings select Parameter set 1 select Motor 1 manuql Starting settings select Stopping settings select Stopping mode Coasting down change Figure If the “DC braking” function is selected, the “DC braking contactor” function must be assigned to one output of the soft starter.

This output must be used to control an external braking contactor. The “Trip Reset” input is edge-triggered, the level change from 0 to 24 V DC is analyzed at the input.

All other input functions are analyzed on top of the already pending 24 V DC level. Both of these output functions PAA 1 can be directly controlled via the optional Profibus. For the maximum permissible set value for the rated operating current I of the motor based on manjal CLASS settings, please refer to Chapter ATEX requirements are met.

Activity moni- Parameter deactivated toring time set 3 30 s The ground fault function is only active after completion of run up, not during starting.

Motor protection select Display settings select Response to GSD file or in the OM when the bus is started. If this is not desired, the parameter must be set to “On”. Function call manuql Restore settings Outputs select Function call Restore basic Motor factory settings protection select Display settings select Response to Function call Save select settings Inputs select Save settings execute? Restore basic Motor factory settings protection select Restore basic Display factory settings settings execute?

Output 1 – 3: Function corresponds to parameterization Output 4: Group error select Output 5: Internal bypass contactor connected Maanual 6: Execute control function select Control motor Activate control via inputs?

The “Log lists” sub-item can only be used in combination with “Soft Starter ES” parameterizing and diagnostics software. Notice Log lists cannot be deleted while the motor is running. Function call Reset all Phase-to- maximum pointers phase voltages select Reset all Max. The operating hours counter is activated as soon as control voltage is applied. Maximum Operating hours value displayed: Safety Enter user code select execute Enter user code Enter user code change execute User level User level Customer write Customer read only select Figure Torque Control and Pump Stop 6.


The terminal voltage of the motor is increased from a parameterizable start voltage to line voltage within an adjustable starting time. The internal bypass contacts close and the thyristors are bridged. Direct on-line sta rting maximum torque that can manyal Soft start Breakaway pulse combined with torque regulation or voltage ramp Load e. Only set the breakaway pulse when it is really required e. A wrongly set breakaway pulse, e.

Typical applications for current limiting Used in applications with a large centrifugal mass mass reactance and hence long starting times, e.

The motor model with integrated electronic motor overload protection is not suitable for this kind of operation. The motor stop can be set optimally according to application and deployment. If a start command is output during the stopping procedure, this procedure is aborted and the motor is started up again using the specified starting mode.

Caution Risk of damage to property. For optimum motor protection, use a mahual of electronic motor overload protection and evaluation of a temperature sensor integrated maanual the motor. DC braking torque The height of the DC braking torque determines the brake force of the motor.

If the motor accelerates again during DC braking, the dynamic braking torque must be increased. The optimum parameters must be adjusted on the machine under appropriate load conditions. Stopping time Motor braking Stop command torque at soft starter Figure In addition to the set parameters, the motor-specific properties and the connected load also affect the speed resulting from the slow speed function and the slow speed torque generated in the motor.

Maximum current The maximum current limit value can be used to determine increased power loss in the application, e. Depending on the set tripping class CLASS setting and protection parameters, a warning or a trip is generated when the characteristic curve is reached. This enables frequent start procedures inching. When the control supply voltage returns, the trip condition of the thermal motor model before voltage failure will be restored.


If the soft starter is switched off via a motor protection or device protection tripping, the action cannot be acknowledged using the “Trip reset” function until the displayed cooling time has expired. Main voltage is removed simultaneously to the ON-command, although no stopping mode not “Coasting Down” is parameterized.

Control will be handed over to the inputs if these have requested control priority. Reconnect the PC or increase activity monitoring time and press a key at regular intervals. A very high current occurs in bridging mode. The error can only be reset after 30 s cooling. Check the motor and the soft starter dimensioning. Data Set 92 – Reading the Device Diagnosis 8. Writing Set 1, 2, 3 8.

From this version onwards, DPV1 operation read, write data set and alarms is also possible downstream from a Y link.